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a contemporary shamanic and reiki practice

Helping spirits

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supporting your life path

Reiki and shamanic practices energetically support a centered, balanced life by clearing energies that are no longer needed and aiding physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Experience how these timeless methods of energetic care can help you on your personal path.

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experience earth-centered wisdom and healing support for our times

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a timeless practice honoring your journey on the earth

There was a time when most humans understood that the energies of the universe were woven together into a great web of life. Shamans have knowledge of this great web and how to work within it. With this knowledge they meet and build relationships with compassionate helping spirits. The shaman then requests help on behalf of her clients from these helping spirits. This is powerful, energetic medicine for our time that supports the healing and balancing of emotional, physical and spiritual energies. Life is better when we are balanced and whole.

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enjoy the benefits of this gentle japanese energy practice

Reiki is the channeling of universal life force energy through the hands of the reiki practitioner to a client or location that is in need of support. This universal energy supports the client’s own healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual issues. By directing the flow of energy, the practitioner can help maintain or return a client to energetic balance.


reiki, shamanic work, communication and more

Our companion animals appreciate the support of energetic practices as much or more than we do. Shamanic work and reiki treatments can assist traditional behavior counseling and veterinary treatment. Sometimes rescued pets may have lost some of their vital energy before finding their loving forever home. Shamanic work can return energy lost to them, cleared of the memory of any traumatic events. Sometimes this type of work can also help to give an older pet a boost.

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Individual Sessions

Available most weekdays and evenings


Check the scheduling app below or email for more availability.

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Workshops and Community Events

We offer a variety of events and trainings throughout the year.  Monthly Shamanic Circles and Meditations as wells as Reiki Shares offered.  Check back frequently for new offerings.

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Meet the shaman

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Joan Levergood

has more than 18 years experience working with people and animals as a Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner.


She was introduced to reiki and shamanic practices she was working in the clinic of an animal shelter where she used her shamanic skills to support lifesaving work alongside dedicated and talented veterinarians, staff and volunteers.  Along the way she saw many miracles and learned much about how reiki and shamanic support can help even the most hopeless cases. Battling death and cruelty is a difficult job and Joan was able to use reiki and her shamanic skills to help herself and others cope during many difficult times. 


After completing basic studies with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Joan has studied a variety of advanced shamanic techniques. She completed Tom Cowan’s two-year program of Celtic Shamanism. She has studied with Betsy Bergstrom, Sandra Ingerman, Larry Peters and many helpful spirit teachers in non-ordinary reality.  She has been working with human and animal clients from across the country since 2004.  

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