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More about shamanic practice

Shamans use rhythmic drumming to travel into other realities where they meet with compassionate spirit beings to gain guidance and healing for their clients and communities.  Working with a shaman can help get to the energetic root of an issue and support changes that you want to make.  A shaman also can smooth the way for things to go in a good direction for you in the future, providing the best possible outcome for new ventures or important life events.  Shamans can also travel throughout time and space to untangle problems that may have originated long ago in your ancestral line. They provide meditations for relaxation and personal clearing and can clear unwanted energies from your energy field or home.  Shamans remove curses, create powerful ceremonies and blessing events, they assist the dead to cross and much more.

What to expect at a shamanic consultation?

During your appointment you will go into the treatment room with the shaman and talk about your life and what in your life you feel might be helped by shamanic work.  Even if you are not sure what the problem is, the shaman’s helping spirits will know how to help.  You will sit comfortably in a chair or lay on a massage table and relax while the shaman and her helping spirits do the work.  The shaman will begin drumming and go on a shamanic journey to consult with helping spirits about how to help.  The shaman returns after a time and tells you what they saw and did.  After talking about the experience, after care and further treatment will be discussed. 

Long Distance

Shamanic Consultation (50 minutes-1 hour) $80

Initial Session $100

In Person Sessions Thursdays only

At Olive Blossom Acupuncture

4801 W Peterson, Chicago

Shamanic Consultation (50 minutes-1 hour) $100

Initial Session $120

House Calls by appointment

please email

Long Distance Space Clearing:  $120  

* We try to provide affordable sliding scale pricing to meet the needs of clients from all financial circumstances.

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