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enjoy the benefits of this gentle japanese energy practice

What is reiki?

Reiki is the channeling of universal life force energy through the hands of the reiki practitioner to a client or location that is in need of support.  This universal energy supports the client’s own healing of physical, emotional and spiritual issues.  By directing the flow of energy, the practitioner can help maintain or return a client to energetic balance.

What types of issues can reiki help?

Reiki can help to reduce stress and aid relaxation by clearing and aligning the energy centers of the body.  It complements and supports other types of medical and energetic treatments and aids the body’s own ability to heal.  Reiki can help to facilitate positive energy at an event.

What to expect during a reiki session?

You can choose either to remove your shoes and lay fully clothed on on a massage table or sit in a chair.  Close your eyes and relax.  I will begin by scanning your body with my hands.  This helps me to guage the energy in different parts of the body. Then I will begin to channel reiki, beginning at the crown of your head.She will hold her hands a few inches from your body while channeling the reiki energy.  She will let you know when she is finished giving reiki.  Take a few moments to relax before leaving.  

Reiki sessions can easily be done long distance.  You would lay in a comfortable place at home at a designated time and date while the reiki practitioner uses a surrogate to do a reiki treatment in real time.  If you are not able to do a session at a specific time, we are able to send reiki long distance in a very gentle more general way where it is released over a longer period of time.  This can be helpful with stressful situations or to support healing of a medical condition.

Reiki Attunement

Get attuned to reiki energy so that you can channel reiki energy yourself.  Contact us for more information.

1 hour reiki session                                       $75

half hour reiki session                                    $45

other reiki services                                    $45-75

* We try to provide affordable sliding scale pricing to meet the needs of clients from all financial circumstances.   Additional donations for services are welcome, as they help provide these services for everyone.

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