Living Shamanic Skills:

Introduction to Shamanic Journey Training

Thursday May 6th and Thursday May 13th

7:30 to 9:00 pm US Central Time

Online via Zoom

The ability to communicate with helping spirits through an altered state is your birthright….


Where did your ancestors come from? Do you know? They were the indigenous people of someplace, or more likely several places in today's modern melting pot.


Introduction to Shamanic Journey Training helps restore you to right relationship with your divine spirit by showing you how to access reliable spirit help, just like your ancestors did. You will relearn the basic human ability to journey to other realities using the simple rhythm of a drum. You will begin to establish relationships with helping spirits through which you can access ancient wisdom and feel more supported in everyday life. This path is a beginning that can lead you into deeper relationships with the spirit in all things, spirits of nature, your ancestry and much more. Study these ancient techniques via Zoom in a supportive online group.


Investment is $120 for two sessions

April 15th 7:30 to 9 pm US Central Time

Register Here


Weekly Online Shamanic Circle

Ongoing most Sundays 

7 to 9 pm US Central Time

We meet weekly online in a small supportive group and do two shamanic journeys. The first journey is aligned to the calendar or is work to help us on a personal level. For example: In the spring we might journey with our helping spirits and plant new seeds or tend seeds that have lay dormant over the winter. The second journey is one of community service or Shamanism without Borders (See Society of Shamanic Practice website) and asks what we can do at this time to help our community or world. 

The weekly Journey Circle is currently offered online via Zoom. Register  by emailing to reserve a spot at the circle and receive the Zoom link to join via the internet.