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Drummaking Workshop with Wayne Manthey

Saturday, June 15th, 1 to 6:30 pm
Luther Memorial Chapel
2500 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, Illinois

Wayne Manthey Drummaker has helped many drums come into this world through his workshops. Healing Spirits and Kwai Fah Acupuncture are pleased to bring Wayne to Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood for his half day hands on drummaking workshop in on June 15th, 2019, from 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Materials are provided. Bring a rock that feels good in the palm of your hand for the handle of your drum.

From Wayne:

“We start with a pre-constructed frame, deer hides, and a bucket of walnut stain. First, you choose your frame, lay out the hides and take a few moments of reflection to connect to this medium. After cutting out the drum circles, I take you, one step at a time, through the rest of the process. The looks on the faces when the drums are completed is where it’s at for me.  There are no words that can completely describe what it feels like to make your own drum. All you need is, to be there and do it!”

Cost for the workshop is determined by the size of drum you want to make.

13” Drum             $245

16” Drum             $265

18” Drum             $300

Sponsored by Helping Spirits and Kwai Fah Acupuncture

Drummaking Workshop with Wayne Manthey: About
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